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Hurricane Relief

Just a little update on some of the stuff that was going on in Louisiana with the hurricane relief. We wanted to help a bit so I put out a call on facebook and I got connected with some really great people.

Amy Sins Owner/Chef at Langlois and partner at New Orleans Jazz Quarters. She also works with Louisiana Flood & Disaster Outreach- New Orleans Cooks

I also worked with a guy that only wants to go by the name Mickey. He is married with 2 kids and an account manager in the oil and gas industry, a great guy and an excellent cook.

Amy said, "After 1 year of Mickey being the mystery guy on the other end of the phone helping to coordinate thousands and thousands of meals two summers in a row. I finally got to meet him in real life."

She went on to thank Cottage Catering, Brennan's Restaurant, Melissa Montero, Debbie Delahoussaye Landry, Langlois, and the Better Than Ezra Foundation.


Micky's team went off to serve meals inSouth Texas. #kingcakes #poundcakes #chili #mashedpotatoes and more.

It's nice to see all the Louisiana companies pitching in to help our neighbors. Here are some more people who helped a lot. Thank you to: Abita Brewing Company, Better Than Ezra Foundation, Crescent Crown Distributing - Louisiana, and Clay Schexnayder for filling up this truck with water, food, cleaning supplies and lots of donated backpacks! This weekend will be much better for many people.

Second Harvest is also always involved in organizing and cooking for relief efforts like this one.

We donated 1000 portions of garlic mashed potatoes on two occasions. Some of the staff volunteered to help produce it. (Kate Fouquet and Josh Caluda) We also made about 1500 portions of king cake for another area.

Puerto Rico :

Anyone know of any local effort to send food and supplies to Puerto Rico? If so, we would like to help.

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