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is in the planning 

We will be updating this page as the season gets closer to let you know about:

  • 2024 Weekly flavors of the week

  • What our pop-up flavors we will offer

    • Some exciting new Flavors

  • When our Savory King cakes will be available

  • All the new and old places where you can find our cakes

If you are interested in keeping up with our pop up flavors and specials we run, then like our Caluda's King Cake page as well as the Cottage Catering Facebook page for all the last minute announcements. Sometimes we just get an idea and try it for that day only! You could also join our mailing list. There you will receive periodic emails about what's happening and some exclusive deals and discounts. 

So don't be a stranger, like our stuff and sign up!

Caluda's King Cakes are a product of Cottage Catering made here at Cottage Catering by Chef John Caluda. We have been producing delicious king cakes in the New Orleans, Metairie and local area for over 27 years. During King Cake season you can find Caluda's King cakes all around Metairie, Harahan,& New Orleans. Of course you can also get it at the Harahan bakery. 

We will have cakes available for the upcoming Easter and Mothers Day Holidays. You can also still order king cakes Mon- Fri. pick up. We just don't have any (usually) for walk in sales.

Caluda's King Cake FB Page

For more information

504-218-5655 Call NOW

We are still shipping but only one day a week. 

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