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We Have A New Web Site!

Cottage Catering

I know we have been kinda quiet lately with posts, news letters and specials, but we have been busy. We are updating not only our on-line presence but updating our equipment and technology behind the scenes as well. The new site is cleaner, and more modern and it allows us to display our content better improving the interaction between you and I. You can comment on these blogs and I hope you will.

For this post I would like to talk about our two web sites. The one you are on now is the one you place orders on is

The one on the left is the one you are on now. The one the right is the one you will go to if you hit a link on one of the menu items on this site.

The one on the left is for engaging you and letting you know what is happening but it is mostly for new customers and people who are trying to find out about who we are and what we do.

I would like to ask you a questions.

Would it be helpful and would you watch a video tutorial of how to place order, store credit cards, find different things?


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