Holiday Menu 2019

This is just a preview the 2020 menu will be out by Oct 1st. This is just a preview. 
behind the scenes look at holiday produciton at cottage catering

You can down load a Holiday Menu by clicking on the PDF above

Check out this video for an overview and behind the scene look at some of what we do.

Below is more information and prices  on some featured items.

Featured Holiday Menu Items

holiday re heat package.COmplete menu in a box

This is the Ultimate Holiday menu in a BIG BOX. No prep, no dishes, no shopping, no figuring out how are you going to fit all this in the fridge, no last minute fuss. Just good food that you re-heat and serve. 

For more information on individual items see below but here's is what is in this package: 

  • Apple Brined Turkey or Raspberry Chipolte Glazed Boneless Pork Loin

  • 2 ½ pan or 5 lb sides like Mash potatoes, corn grits, mac an cheese...

  • 2 1 qt or 2 lb Dressings like Crawfish Cornbread, or spinach and artichoke casserole

  • 2  dz fresh baked dinner or garlic rolls

  • 2   fresh baked pies like pecan or apple

  • 1   New Orleans Bread pudding with rum sauce

  • 1   cup cranberry apricot relish

  • 1   qt of turkey gravy

The PilgrimComplete package for re-heating at home

The Pilgrim

You get choice of entreee: apple brined turkey or the raspberry chipotle glazed pork loin. choice of 5 lb side, choice of 1 qt dressing, choice of 2 pies and it all comes with 2dz rolls, cranberry apricot relish, turkey gravy for turkey and New Orleans bread pudding with rum sauce


Apple Brined Turkey

This is a whole 12 to 14 lb turkey brined for 18 hours, air dried for 12 hours and roasted to perfection. It is moist and flavorful with hints of apple, ginger, rosemary, citrus and garlic. We do offer carving service


Raspberry Chipolte Pork Loin

Raspberry chipolte glazed boneless pork loin. Just the right amount of heat and sweet to make a moist and flavorful dish

Root Beer Glazed Spiral Ham

We warm and baste the ham with root beer syrup, let it cool, and then seal it with granulated sugar that is caramelized with a touch to give it a delicious crusted shell.

White Chocolate Grand Marnier Yule Log

White Chocolate Grand Marnier infused cake with beautiful hand made decorations

Mocha Yule Log

This cake is soaked in coffee syrup, with a thin layer r of ganache and a mocha butter cream. Also decorated with beautiful hand made decoration

Pecan Pie

Not as sweet as the southern version with a touch of dark chocolate in the mix.

Apple Strusel Pie

We peel and chop fresh granny smith apples and cook them with spices, vanilla and bourbon. Pile it up high and top with a delicate strudel crumb topping.

Chocolate Cream Pie

Milk, eggs, butter, chocolate and vanilla go into this delicious pastry cream and topped with real chantilly cream and chocolate shavings

Key Lime PIe

Very simple like all our desserts, condensed milk, key lime juice, and egg yolks, topped with real Chantilly cream

Black out cake

Old N.O. favorite three layers of moist chocolate cake, soaked with vanilla simple syrup, filled and covered with real chocolate pastry cream. Then coated with moist chocolate cake crumb

Chantily Cake

The cake is soaked in amoratta syrup, chantilly cream made from marscopone, cream cheese and heavy cream, and fresh berries

White & Dark Chocolate Mousse Cake

The white chocoalte is flavored with Grand Marnier and thee dark one is flavored with Coffee.

Crawfish Corn Bread

Very moist, flavorful, combination of crawfish, stock, seasoning, and cornbread. Topped with cornbread crumble and green onions

Oyster Dressing

Local oysters, and their liquor, with lots of veggies, seasoning, and New Orleans French bread crumbs.

Shrimp & Mirlation

Louisiana shrimp, and diced and mashed milliton with stock, seasoning and bread crumb. topped with olive oil soaked bread crumbs.

Spinach & Artichoke Casserole

Lots of artichoke, Swiss and feta cheese, and spinach in a creamy sauce topped with olive oil soaked bread crumbs

Green Bean Casserole

French cut green beans, artichokes, garlic and bread crumbs, and butter. Topped with olive oil soaked bread crumb

Roasted Corn Grits

Fire roasted corn, caramelized onions, cooked together with cream, butter and grits.

Sweet Potato Soufflee

Fresh sweet potatoes, cooked, mashed and seasoned, with butter and cream. It's topped with cinnamon and pecan strusel

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