Enjoy some playful and informational videos.

A fun video of our strudel crew from a few years ago.

Great Chefs Video Series

I had just opened up Cottage Catering on Metairie Rd. and was getting some good P.R.. Great Chefs was wrapping up filming of Great Chefs New Garde and happened to see something about me on the news. They asked me to do some desserts for the series and a few later they asked me back to do some desserts for the Great Chefs Great Cities series. At the time this was a big deal because it was well before the food net work and the celiberty chef graze.
  1. Tira Mi Su
    A roulade version of this Italian dessert
  2. Chocolate Pizza
    Chocolate Pizza, Playing with food
  3. Frozen Souffle & Chocolate Dome
    Trio of frozen shuffle with a showy chocolate dome
  4. Rosemary Scones and La. Blackberries
    Earthy simple scone and berries
  5. Key Lime Pie
    Classic Key Lime Pie