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Hurricane Relief

September 29, 2017

Just a little update on some of the stuff that was going on in Louisiana with the hurricane relief. We wanted to help a bit so I put out a call on facebook and I got connected with some really great people.


Amy Sins Owner/Chef at Langlois and partner at New Orleans Jazz Quarters. She also works with Louisiana Flood & Disaster Outreach- New Orleans Cooks


I also worked with  a guy that only wants to go by the name Mickey. He is married with 2 kids and an account manager in the oil and gas industry, a great guy and an excellent cook.


Amy said, "After 1 year of Mickey being the mystery guy on the other end of the phone helping to coordinate thousands and thousands of meals two summers in a row.  I finally got to meet him in real life."

She went on to thank Cottage Catering, Brennan's Restaurant, Melissa Montero, Debbie Delahoussaye Landry, Langlois, and the Better Than Ezra Foundation.