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$3.00 per serving

Half pan serves  8 to 10 $35.00

Roasted Corn Grits

Mashed Potatoes

We also ship Caluda's king cakes in the summer. You can call the shop at 504-343-5706 or you can place shipping orders at


During the summer until it cools off a bit we ship the cakes as king cake packages that need to be iced by you. It is a great project to do with the kids or for a summer school project. (we are back to shipping the cakes iced) 


For Mother's Day we will have our traditional cake but Heart shaped with red and white heart sprinkles.

We will also have the 

Wedding Cake Filled King cake. It has pineapple filling and almond butter cream topping with the same sprinkles. 

SHIPPING: We can only ship this as a kit. Means you must decorate. (summer Heat)

Available to order May 6th to May 11th 

We will have extra available Fri. May 10th and Sat. May 11th from 9 to 1

It stays free for days and makes excellent French toast and bread pudding.Reserve yours now. Very limited production


Grilled Chicken w/ BBQ Sauce

  Grilled chicken breast , brushed with a sweet /savory bbq sauce & sautéed onions

served with roasted corn grits


$10.00 per serving

Half pan  serves 8 to 10 4$5.00



We start with our own Italian bread all natural ingredients no additives or preservatives. Our own olive salad is made with green olives, kalamata olives, sun dried tomatoes, artichoke hearts, and roasted garlic oil. Then we use black forest ham, capicola, mortadella, and genoa salami.

Wait, there's more we use three cheese, sliced provolone, mozzarella, and Romano cheese

Whole 19.95

Half 10.95


Lesley has been with Cottage Catering since 2009. Starting off as a king cake helper but her hard work and attention to detail was quickly noticed and she was asked to take over as catering manager after that first king cake season. Since she began, the catering business has soared. She is the one that makes sure your orders are on time, and you have every thing you need for your event. Lesley is an avid animal lover and she is also very involved in the local no kill animal shelter ARNO. She organizes many events for them and we like to get involved as well.

Lesley Forynski, Catering Consultant


Kate also started out as a temporary king cake worker but she was running the show just after a few short weeks. She is responsible for all of the fresh baked breads, rolls, and desserts for catering as well as all king cakes during the year. She also makes the cibbata bread for the Milk Bar on Carrollton. Kate is also very involved with animals and is always fostering a few. 

Katy Fouquet, Bakery Manager

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