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Yule Logs

These are traditional yule logs as opposed to the more modern style. We serve two types: the first is a White Chocolate Yule Log and the second is a Mocha Yule Log. 

Both start with a most roulade sponge cake, which is a cake that rolls up without cracking.

This is soaked in either Grand Marnier syrup or Coffee Kahla syrup and both get a thin layer of Dark chocolate ganache. The ganache is for the bark look and for flavor. 

Then we make a real Swiss butter Cream, that consist of  a thick merge that unsalted butter is whipped into. There is no margarine or shortening in this butter cream. All Butter! We flavor the two butter creams with chocolate and grand mariner and chocolate and coffee extract. to  make a White chcolate Grand Marnier butter cream and a Mocha butter cream.

The logs are soaked, ganache, and filled with butter cream then rolled up and frozen for a bit. 

Then they are taken out and iced with the same buttercream and sculpted into the beautiful log shape and decorated with chocolate shavings, meringue mushrooms, an other decorations. 

They make a beautiful and delicious  center piece. 

Other Desserts


Chocolate Cream

Key Lime

Fresh Apple



Or just let us make it for you.

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